A family yachting getaway in Tenerife

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The crystal clear waters of Tenerife offer the perfect setting for a unique family getaway. Nothing matches the experience of exploring them from the deck of a private yacht. Chartering a yacht on this island paradise not only provides the luxury of an exclusive corner of the sea, but also weaves the fabric of an indelible family bond.

Before the adventure begins, planning the itinerary becomes the first exciting step. Tenerife boasts a range of stunning destinations, from secluded beaches to hidden coves. The perfect plan is made, taking into account activities for all ages. From exciting snorkelling and fishing sessions to moments of pure relaxation in the warm Atlantic sun.

On board the yacht, the magic unfolds. Children immerse themselves in the thrill of hoisting sails, actively participating in the sailing or simply delighting in the panoramic views from the spacious deck. With the vast ocean as their playground, every moment becomes an opportunity to build lasting memories.

Exploring the underwater richness becomes a fascinating experience thanks to the snorkelling equipment available on board. The underwater world unfolds in all its glory, revealing vibrant colours and a variety of unique marine species. Sightings of dolphins and turtles add a touch of wonder to this marine journey.

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Quality moments on the high seas come naturally. Open-air meals prepared in the yacht’s galley, board games on deck and relaxed conversation intertwine to form the very essence of life at sea. Every moment becomes an opportunity to strengthen the family connection.

Returning to port, the family takes with them not only shells and treasures from the ocean, but also a wealth of shared memories. Chartering a yacht in Tenerife is not just a sailing trip; it is an experience that strengthens family bonding through exploration, fun and the wonder of the vast Atlantic.

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